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Adult Teeth Coming In Behind Baby Teeth? What Can You Expect?

Posted by on March 7, 2018 in Dental Tips | 0 comments

It seems quite straight forward – baby teeth fall out, adult teeth come in. But it doesn’t always work out that way! If you’re noticing what seem to be adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth that are still there, you might have a few questions or concerns.
Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know. For further information and a more detailed examination, make an appointment with a dentist who specialises in gentle, peaceful pediatric dentistry.

What does it mean if adult teeth are coming in behind baby teeth?

Firstly, while it’s not overly common, this phenomenon is not a huge cause of concern in the dentistry world. Having said that, the problem may not simply ‘go away on its own’. It is a sensible decision to consult a dentist as early on in the process as possible so the situation may be monitored.

What causes it?

The permanent teeth are growing in from behind the roots of the baby teeth. This means there isn’t that ‘gap’ (pardon the pun) in time when the baby tooth falls out prior to the growth of the adult tooth.
Admittedly, most of the time this situation does not require treatment. However, in some cases, your dentist may find due cause to extract the baby tooth in order to make room for the adult tooth to grow in a way that does not misalign the jaw.

adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth

Will adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth impact my child?

This is really a case-by-case basis and, without a close examination of your child’s teeth, a blanket answer cannot be given. You may find that there is some misalignment during the period of growth; this may be temporary or may cause permanent displacement.
Luckily, there are solutions if needed! Your child may eventually need braces, or another treatment option. On the other hand, they may need nothing but regular brushing as usual!
Speak to Robert Duhig Dentist about any potential preventative measures that you can undertake while your children are still little. A conversation early may prove to be a big saving down the track.

Need advice about adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth? Call the friendly team at Robert Duhig Dentist today.

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