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Don’t Ignore Tooth Pain! Book Your Affordable Emergency Dental Care In Brisbane NOW.

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Affordable Emergency Dental Care – How We Care For You

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you’ll know just how much it can ruin your day. Too often though, people choose to soldier on, despite the pain and discomfort. But delaying treatment for dental pain can result in a minor and easily treated problem growing into something much worse. Don’t ignore your dental pain! It’s possible to find affordable emergency dental care to relieve your tooth pain swiftly and gently.

Triage care: stop the pain immediately, then plan further treatment

Dental pain can be incredibly debilitating. Using a triage system, your dentist will first aim to alleviate the discomfort you’re experiencing. Once pain-free, you and your dentist can discuss any further treatment that might be required to resolve your dental issue. This is especially useful if you have chipped or cracked a tooth. Broken teeth can expose the nerve, which then makes eating and drinking painful. An initial stop-gap solution can soothe the pain then and there with further treatment scheduled for a later time. Treat the problem early with affordable emergency dental care!

affordable emergency dental care

Payment plans for emergency dental care

Putting off treating your dental emergency for financial reasons? Not only do you deserve to be pain-free, but delaying treatment can result in a costlier problem in the long run. In the case of broken teeth, leaving the nerve exposed can lead to permanent damage, which can be much harder to treat and can even result in the damaged tooth needing to be extracted. Payment plans are available to make affordable emergency dental care a possibility for everyone, even when you don’t have the money upfront.

Pay as you go

Are you avoiding treating your strong tooth pain because of the upfront financial outlay? If your dental treatment requires multiple visits over time, paying for each appointment as you go means affordable emergency dental care is within reach.

Gentle and competitively priced dentists are always busy and it can be tricky to get an appointment for a standard visit. At Rob Duhig Dentists, emergency care is prioritised as needed. Each day, time is blocked out for emergency walk-in appointments, including some nights, so it makes sense to call and check on availability.

Affordable emergency dental care can be performed on short notice, relieving your tooth pain and preventing further damage. Call Robert Duhig, the gentle Brisbane dentist, to secure your appointment NOW on (07) 3269 2443.

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