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Ever Visited A Breath Clinic In Brisbane? Here’s What Happens.

Posted by on August 22, 2016 in Sandgate | 0 comments

What Happens When You Get Your Breath Tested At Our Breath Clinic in Brisbane?

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Find the answers and get solutions to your bad breath problems while you wait. At Robert Duhig Dentist, our state of the art bad breath analyser gives answers within minutes! The team at our breath clinic are Brisbane’s halitosis treatment specialists.
Diagnosing the cause of bad breath is essential to treating the underlying cause and eliminating the problem for good. The Oral Chroma bad breath analyser is scientifically validated, non-invasive, pain free and suitable for both adults and children. Results are ready in minutes and treatment can be started straight away.

How does the Oral Chroma bad breath analyser work?

The Oral Chroma bad breath analyser works by measuring the different volatile gases responsible for bad breath. These gases are produced by various species of bacteria in your mouth and throat.
It’s now clearly established that bad breath is caused by the wrong type of bacteria living in your mouth. These bacteria produce gases that smell bad. The three main gases responsible for bad breath are:

  • Methyl mercaptan, which smells like faeces
  • Hydrogen sulphide, which smells like rotten eggs
  • Dimethyl sulphide, which smells like cabbage or gasoline.

By analysing the concentrations of these gases in your breath, your dentist can determine which bacteria are the culprits responsible for your bad breath and start you on the most appropriate and specific treatment.

How is your breath tested?

When you arrive at our breath clinic in Brisbane, your dentist will ask you some questions and conduct an oral examination before testing your breath with the Oral Chroma. This typically includes questions about your medical history and diet followed by a thorough examination of your teeth and gums looking for infection, areas where food is impacted and tooth decay.
Once the dentist is ready to test your breath with the Oral Chroma, they will place a syringe into your mouth – but don’t worry, there’s no needle attached to the syringe. You’ll be asked to breathe normally through your nose while the syringe is left in your mouth for a minute. The dentist will then suck up a sample of breath and inject this into the Oral Chroma testing machine.
The machine takes about 5 minutes to analyse the gas samples in your breath and a report is printed once this is done. Your dentist will go through what the results mean and give you a copy of the report to take home.

Identify and eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath

Once the Oral Chroma has analysed your breath and identified the problem bacteria, your dentist can work with you to correct the bacterial imbalance in your mouth. In many cases, treatment is as simple and straightforward as using a specialised oral probiotic. This comes in the form of a lozenge that contains billions of friendly bacteria that promote fresh breath and help eliminate the bacteria causing you so much grief.
Stop masking the symptoms of your bad breath and discover solutions that work! At our breath clinic, Brisbane’s specialist diagnostic and treatment centre for halitosis, we’re here to help. Enquire online or call Robert Duhig Dentist on 07 3269 2443 to book your bad breath analysis today.

Need help with bad breath? Contact our specialised breath clinic in Brisbane for fast diagnosis and effective treatment.