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How Do You Correct An Overbite – And Should You Bother?

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Many people look to correct an overbite. They’re concerned about the aesthetic impact of an overbite, which causes teeth to look unevenly placed in the mouth. There are also concerns about headaches or the propensity of other teeth problems that could be caused because of the uncorrected overbite.

It seems that a lot of worrying goes on about how, when or where to correct an overbite.

There’s another question that could be asked, though. Why?


Picture of mouth with white teeth. Should you correct an overbite?Why should you correct an overbite?

Not all overbites require correction. For many of us, it’s simply a case of teeth not perfectly aligning. Hey, nobody’s perfect! It’s a very common dental condition that can either be treated or left alone depending on severity.

For some overbite sufferers, though, it will be necessary to correct an overbite. If this is the case, it will be because the overbite is severe enough to cause pain and possible speech problems. Leaving a severe overbite unchecked and untreated will more likely than not lead to significant issues (and costs!) further down the line.

Not taking time to correct an overbite could also lead to problems while eating, headaches and migraines or sleep issues.

How do you correct an overbite?

Correcting an overbite is a straight-forward procedure. As per many dental issues, it’s easier to confront this problem when the patient is a child. This is a reminder of the importance to arrange regular check-ups with a reliable family dentist. Examination of the overbite may determine that the issue is to do with over-crowding.

Regardless of age, an appropriate treatment plan will be established in order to approach the overbite correction at a pace that best suits the individual. Depending on what is required, you may need to look at braces, retainers or perhaps dental surgery.

Arranging an appointment to discuss your options

The idea of correcting an overbite can be overwhelming – particularly if you have had this condition for your whole life. However, there is a treatment plan that can be crafted to best suit your needs as well as your concerns.

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