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6 Bad Dental Care Habits You Need To Change RIGHT NOW

Posted by on October 15, 2018 in Dental Tips | 0 comments

Think your dental care is up to scratch? Think again. You’ll be shocked by these 6 dental care no-no’s that you had no idea you were doing wrong.

Dental care seems straightforward for most of us. Brush twice a day. Visit the dentist twice a year. If anything seems out of the ordinary, ask your partner to look in your mouth and then compare the problem area to gross photos on Google Images. Easy peasy.

But what you DIDN’T know is that there are six MAJOR things that you’re probably doing wrong right this second when it comes to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth.

Dental Care Disaster: The Toothbrush Terror

Some of you may believe that pain is gain when it comes to dental care. But brushing very hard, using a hard bristle brush or even following the old wives’ tale of brushing with abrasive materials (think baking soda) can have a negative impact on the health of your teeth and gums.

Engaging in this kind of rough touch hygiene can see the precious enamel on your teeth depleted. Enamel is important because it prevents teeth becoming damaged by acids found in food and drink. It also helps your teeth stay that beautiful pearly white.

Dental Care Disaster: The Gum Neglecter

On the other hand, some of you may go too gently when it comes to brushing. Making teeny tiny brushing movements only on the teeth and staying well away from the gums will see the development of gum line plaque. This is the main culprit of the dreaded bleeding gums phenomenon that so many patients present with in the dental chair.

Dental Care Disaster: The Discolouration Dilemma

Love coffee? Red wine? We know! We can see it on your teeth!

Regular flossing, using the correct toothbrush, keeping up your dentist visits and a dedication to mouth cleanliness can minimise the impact of teeth discolouration. The only thing that will minimise it completely is putting a stop to those tooth-hurty vices altogether.

Dental Care Disaster: The Cursed Cigarette

Without shadow of a doubt, cigarettes are far and away the most easily avoidable dental disaster. If patients choose to smoke (and they do make a choice to do so) then they are opening the door for serious gum disease. They’ll discolour the teeth but that problem is far outweighed by the very real, lifelong damage being done with every drag on a cigarette. Butt out for your own health and the health of your poor teeth and gums.

Dental Care Disaster: The Great Ignorer

When’s the last time you visited a dentist?

A year? Two years? Five years?

Ignoring a dental care problem will not make it go away – it will only magnify the issue. Make a move towards a friendly dentist who understands your hesitation.

Dental Care Disaster: The Over-Rinser

Here’s one you’re probably not familiar with. Rinsing teeth immediately after brushing can wash away the concentrated fluoride (the whole reason you brushed your teeth in the first place). This instant spit can dilute the remaining toothpaste which means that the effects of the brushing are also diluted.

It may take some getting used to, but try to keep that paste in your mouth for a little while longer!

Dental Care Disaster: The Dentist Dodger

This is the worst dental care crime of all.

Avoiding going to a dentist completely because you are scared, worried about the cost or you just can’t find the time has proven time and time again to have a very negative impact on your dental health. And poor dental health can lead to a range of other problems including ongoing pain, loss of confidence and other more serious health concerns.

Contact the Robert Duhig Dental team today and come clean about your dental care missteps!

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