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New Year, New Smile From Robert Duhig Dentists!

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It’s a whole new year, and it’s time to work on getting your smile into tip-top shape with Robert Duhig Dental, expert dentist in Sandgate!

If there’s anything about your smile that has been niggling at you over the past year – a chipped tooth, discolouration, maybe even missing or damage teeth – a shiny new year is the perfect time to start on your shiny new smile. Not only will your teeth look a million bucks, you’ll feel a million bucks! Robert Duhig is the dentist for all your dental needs in Sandgate.

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Why is now the best time?

The most obvious answer to this question is health insurance!

Health insurance can be a tricky thing, so here’s a simple run down on how it works. Most health insurance policies have an annual limit or maximum, which is the most amount of money you can claim for certain services within a calendar year. This means that if you bought and claimed a dental procedure in December 2017, you will be able to buy and claim a completely new procedure in January 2018. It’s the best time to get your new year’s resolutions out of the way and work on making your smile beam.

What procedures should you consider?

Obviously, this depends on your individual health needs, but here at Robert Duhig, we have a range of procedures, based on the latest research and dental technologies, for health and cosmetic procedures.

Zoom teeth whitening

Some of the foods and drinks we love best, like coffee, wine, and sugary treats, have the unfortunate side effect of discolouring our teeth. So, if your teeth aren’t a lovely bright shade of white any longer, our in-chair Zoom teeth whitening treatment can help get you back to your bright and bubbly best in no time!


Do you have chipped or otherwise damaged teeth? Crowns can be just the answer you’re looking for.


Porcelain bonded to your tooth, a veneer can help repair its overall structure, leaving you with a happy, healthier looking smile.

Dental implants

If you’re missing any teeth, dental implants can help make your smile flawless again. They’re artificial but look amazingly authentic, and will help make you look years younger.

Dental bridges

If there are multiple gaps in your smile, discuss the possibility of a dental bridge with Robert Duhig Dental today. It may improve your confidence in your appearance, but also have other health benefits, such as improved chewing and digestion.

Teeth straightening

If you’ve got unseemly looking teeth or there’s something bothering you about your grin, having your teeth straightened. This can be done using braces or other less invasive means – technology in this area really has come a long way in recent years.

What are the benefits?

Your teeth are responsible for so many things – chewing, helping you make sounds when you speak, and, of course, smiling! Their overall health and appearance is important for YOUR overall health and appearance. Why wouldn’t you do everything you could to ensure your smile is beautiful and healthy for years to come? Get in there and get a head start on making 2018 happy, healthy, and gorgeously bright!

Contact Robert Duhig Dental, the dentist Sandgate families trust, on 07 3269 2443 for an appointment today!

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