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How to Make the Most of Your Extras Cover for Dental Before It Expires!

Posted by on August 26, 2019 in Coronavirus Policy, Dental Tips, home-sliders, Sandgate, Uncategorised | 0 comments

The end of the year signifies change. The old year draws to a close, the new one is just around the corner. There is promise of growth and new beginnings after the festive season and we spend a lot of time focused on all our plans for the year ahead.

But what about what we’ve already got in our pockets right now? Many people forget about it but the end of the year means all insurance policies reset – and you could be about to miss out if you don’t act soon. To make the most of your extras cover for dental, book in to see your family dentist as soon as possible to explore the world of savings that’s waiting for you this festive season!

Extras cover for dental

No two health funds are exactly alike, so it’s important to check in with your individual provider to see what you’re entitled to as part of your policy. What you NEED to know as a policy owner is that you have a right to ask for information and clarification at any time. Call them now or visit their site to take advantage of live chat to get some answers.

How does dental cover work?

There is no one definitive answer here because private health providers differ, as do the policies they offer. To find out exactly what you’re covered for, you should contact your provider directly. But for most policies, extras cover for dental will typically include:

  • A percentage back on dental visits
  • A percentage back on dental items

There will be a cap on how many dental visits and items are covered within the year and your policy will give you cash back up until that cap is met. You’ll pay some of the cost and your insurer will cover the rest – the amount that you pay is referred to as the gap.

The end of the year is approaching!

There’s no better time of year to start a healthy dentist habit. Booking in check-ups for around Christmas time will mean that you’ll always remember when they’re due. Making sure you take advantage of all of the extras cover for dental that you’ve been paying for will be a great gift in terms of both your bottom line and the health of your family’s teeth and gums.

Ho ho ho! Take advantage of your extras cover for dental by booking in for a check up today!