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Got Bad Breath? Brisbane Now Has A Bad Breath Clinic

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Got Bad Breath? Brisbane Now Has A Bad Breath Clinic

The new bad breath clinic in Brisbane offers a unique and effective scientific approach to halitosis treatment. For anyone who suffers from bad breath and has struggled to get answers, professional, personalised treatment is the key to overcoming this debilitating social problem.

Get your bad breath tested and measured

We’ve all had bad breath at some point. Or, at least, we’ve worried we might have it, or been around people who most certainly have had a severe case of it. It’s a significant cause of social anxiety and severe halitosis has even been known to hamper career advancement.  But how do you really know how bad your breath is?

It’s hard to rely on friends and loved ones who might lie or downplay the problem to prevent hurt feelings. Enter the Oral Chroma bad breath analyser, star of the bad breath clinic in Brisbane! It’s 100 x more sensitive than the human nose at detecting and measuring bad breath, and guaranteed to tell the truth, allowing your dentist can devise a specialised, individual program to tackle the problem at its source.

Your bad breath problem is not in your head, it’s in your mouth

If you’ve visited a few doctors or dentists looking for solutions to your bad breath problem, you’ll have been given all the usual advice, like brushing, flossing or using more mouthwash. You may even have been dismissed with the idea that maybe your bad breath is all in your head! That’s why scientific testing helps.

If you have EVER worried about bad breath, the sensitivity of the Oral Chroma bad-breath-o-metre will definitively let you know whether you have a problem or not.

Forget relying on the human nose, the Oral Chroma at Brisbane’s new bad breath clinic, measures levels of volatile chemicals produced by bacteria in your mouth that cause 80-90% of all bad breath.

Receive answers and a solution to your bad breath within minutes

Robert Duhig Dental, Brisbane’s bad breath clinic understand bad breath. They see it not just as a debilitating social problem but also as a potential sign of more serious health problems such as periodontal disease or infections.

Testing with the Oral Chroma is pain free, non-invasive and you’ll get results while you wait. All that’s needed is a sample of your breath.  Call the friendly staff at the bad breath clinic today on 07 3269 2443 for more information on testing with the Oral Chroma.

Effective bad breath diagnosis and treatment is just a phone call away

Get peace of mind or receive answers to your bad breath problem with the Oral Chroma bad breath analyser at Brisbane’s newest bad breath clinic. Stop worrying about bad breath and pick up the phone to call 07 3269 2443 today!

Have you heard about our new bad breath clinic in Brisbane? Effective treatment and testing is just a phone call away.

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