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Scared Of Orthodontist Bills? Pediatric Dentistry Could Help!

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Pediatric Dentistry Could Prevent Painful Costs Later On!

If you’re looking at your young child’s crooked teeth and thinking they’re likely to need braces, it may be time to consider pediatric dentistry. Some parents feel that dentist visits are an unnecessary cost for younger children, preferring to wait until all the ‘adult teeth’ have come through, but think again. You are far better off getting your child’s teeth checked now to prevent bigger problems down the track!

What does a pediatric dentist do?

A pediatric dentist has experience in treating the specific teething and oral health problems faced by children. Pediatric dentistry clinics are designed to make your children feel comfortable during their visit, ensuring they trust their dentist. This sets them up for a lifetime of good dental care.

A pediatric dentist is also able to identify the ‘trouble spots’ in your child’s teeth and gums, potentially nipping problems in the bud before you need to save for costly orthodontic treatments when your child hits their teens.

Pediatric dentistry

What problems will a pediatric dentist look for?

Your child’s ‘baby teeth’ will come in between birth and around 3 years of age. Sometime between the ages of 5 and 12, these baby teeth will fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. It’s around this time that many parents and carers begin to notice the telltale signs of dental problems like overbites, crooked teeth or crowded gums.

Pediatric dentistry visits will assess:

  • Teeth that have yet to come through. When a baby tooth falls out, usually a permanent tooth will replace it within a few weeks. Sometimes ‘adult’ teeth will take longer to come through. When this happens, other teeth move around to fill the gap, causing crowding.
  • Underbites and overbites. Problems such as lingua tori and other mouth shape issues such as underbites or overbites can be identified early. In some cases, your pediatric dentist may suggest a plate or mouthguard to assist. A plate may seem expensive for a child or tween, but it can prevent the far more costly option of a full set of braces later-on.
  • Permanent teeth that grow through before baby teeth come out. In these cases, permanent teeth erupt through the gum behind, in front of, or next to the primary tooth, which has yet to come out. If the primary tooth is not loose and you can’t pull it out, this may cause issues with crowding, which can lead to speech difficulties and problems chewing.
  • Wisdom teeth. Every child is different, but wisdom teeth can be very problematic for all ages. X-rays are performed on your child to assess whether their wisdom teeth will impact other molars.

If you notice crookedness in your tween’s teeth, or recognise any of the above being potential problems either now or in the future, don’t delay.

Book your child in for a thorough, gentle pediatric dentistry visit. After a full assessment, your dentist can determine whether a plate, removal of teeth or another option may be able to prevent orthodontic treatment in the longer term.

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