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Is Sandgate Brisbane’s Home of Healthy Living?

Posted by on September 21, 2016 in Sandgate | 0 comments

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Is Sandgate Brisbane’s Home of Healthy Living?

What makes Sandgate Brisbane’s healthiest suburb to live? Here are 5 reasons why Sandgate simply can’t be beaten as the healthiest place in Brisbane.


Whether you’re into running, walking, riding or even scootering with the kids, you simply can’t find a better place to get active outdoors than Sandgate’s waterfront. Why would anyone want to pound the pavement breathing in car fumes along busy main roads when you can jog for around 8km along the waterfront one way from Sandgate to Brighton.
If it’s raining or you want to incorporate gym equipment into your fitness regime, there are several gyms and a health club in Sandgate, including a 24 hour gym. There’s also a local CrossFit gym and community at CrossFit 4017.
If swimming is your thing then Sandgate Aquatic Centre has a 50 metre pool so you can swim laps with an ocean front view. For the more adventurous how about stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing or kite surfing with Surf Connect?
It’s hard not to get caught up in the fitness vibe with so many amazing places to exercise in Sandgate, Brisbane.

Healthy food

When you’ve finished your morning run, power walk, cycle, swim or Cross Fit class how about a cold pressed green juice at one of Sandgate’s organic wholefoods and juice bars such as Satori Organics?
If you’re into fresh and healthy food Sandgate leaves you spoiled for choice with several local organic produce stores. There’s even a local farmers market held at Sartori Organics each Wednesday and Sunday so you can stock up on the freshest organic fruit and vegetables, handmade cheeses, artisan breads as well as fermented and gluten free goodies.

Fresh unpolluted air

Living in Sandgate lets you enjoy the best of both worlds; the clean living of a sea side suburb and the bright lights, bars, art galleries, museums and employment opportunities of a big city. You can be in the heart of Brisbane in about 30 minutes by train from Sandgate station. Whether you’re heading into the city for work or play there’s nothing like coming home to the clean salty tang of fresh ocean air in Sandgate.

Abundant green spaces

Green spaces such as parks and outdoor recreation areas make everyone healthier and happier. Research shows that more parks and trees not only give everyone space to exercise and play in nature but they also help to reduce stress, enhance mood and reduce feelings of fear, anger and aggression. They also create closer knit communities and safer neighbourhoods.
Sandgate is one of Brisbane’s greener suburbs and is blessed with abundant parks and nature reserves, the most notable being the esplanade along Flinder’s parade and Einbunpin Lagoon Park in the heart of Sandgate.

Easy access to awesome health care

Access to great local doctors, dentists and other health professionals helps to ensure that Sandgate residents are healthy and happy. Medical centres such as Sandgate Doctors  combine general practice, musculosketal health and a skin cancer clinic under one convenient roof.
Sandgate also boasts a modern, state of the art dental clinic at Robert Duhig Dental.  As well as general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry, they also specialise in wholistic dentistry including a bad breath clinic and sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment.
Sandgate, Brisbane’s healthiest suburb is proof that healthy living can be loads of fun, delicious, vibrant and a normal part of life in the suburbs.