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Why We’re The Go To Sandgate Dental Clinic For Nervous Nellies!

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Why We’re The Go To Sandgate Dental Clinic For Nervous Nellies!

Dental anxiety and nervousness is not only common but understandable, too. There are a lot of variables outside of your control and the idea of having instruments (let alone fingers!) shoved into your mouth can be enough to make even the toughest amongst us break out in a cold sweat.  Selecting a Sandgate dental clinic who will have the best interests of you (and your family) in mind can go a long way to allaying those fears and turning your regular dental check-ups into a positive experience. Yes, the right dentist can make all the difference! Here’s what to look out for.

Signs of dental anxiety

Your dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed about. People with dental anxiety often experience:

  • Racing heartbeat or palpitations
  • Fainting (or feeling like fainting)
  • Crying, panic, shaking
  • Withdrawal or accidentally becoming aggressive
  • Postponing or completely ignoring the need for regular dental check-ups

You may have had a bad experience in the past or be triggered by the sounds and smells of the dental surgery. Whatever the reason – you deserve fair, ethical, gentle treatment and you need to ensure you are not letting your anxiety stand in the way of your physical health.

Signs that your dentist is not the right fit

You deserve trained professionals who can take the time, consideration and care that you require. There are many Sandgate dental clinics, including those in the surrounding areas, that will be happy to take your custom but fail to give the appropriate treatment to patients such as yourself.

Here are the signs of a poor clinic choice for someone who has dental anxiety or phobia:

  • You are rushed through and treated like a number instead of a patient
  • Your treatment is overly clinical with no personal touches to make you feel comfortable
  • Your concerns and questions are dismissed and you are made to feel silly
  • There is no continuity of care and you do not develop a working relationship with your dentist
  • You are not checked on throughout the procedure

Choosing the right team

The Robert Duhig Dental team have been operating in Sandgate for over 28 years. Our philosophy is to put patients first at all times, rather than focusing on numbers and targets. We aim to provide individualised care to every customer and we pride ourselves on being the gentle dentists.

Don’t let your anxiety hold your dental health hostage. Book an appointment with the Robert Duhig team today – we’re the gentle Sandgate dental clinic.

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