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The Scientific Approach To Bad Breath Treatment

Posted by on February 5, 2016 in Dental Tips, Sandgate | Comments Off on The Scientific Approach To Bad Breath Treatment

The Scientific Approach To Bad Breath Treatment

Most bad breath treatments only temporarily mask the symptoms by covering up the smell of bad breath. Once the pleasant minty smell has worn off your bad breath is back with a vengeance. But rest assured that you CAN eliminate bad breath by identifying and treating the source of the problem rather than simply masking it with lozenges, mouth washes and sprays. Bad breath treatment based on real dental science can help give you your self-confidence back.


Help for halitosis

Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, is estimated to effect around 50% of the general population. If you suffer from halitosis, the most important step to treat and eliminate your bad breath is to identify the source so that your dentist can prescribe a targeted and effective treatment specifically for you.


What causes bad breath?

A 2013 study in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine looked at the causes of halitosis. Researchers found that 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth due to factors that increase bacteria responsible for producing the unpleasant aromas associated with bad breath.  9% of bad breath was due to non-oral factors such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, respiratory and digestive problems and only 1% was caused by diet and drugs.


Bad Breath


Only 1% of bad breath is caused by diet

Research into the causes of bad breath has determined that dietary factors including coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, garlic and onion are responsible for causing only 1% of bad breath.  Drugs such as alcohol, smoking and certain medications also make up this 1%.  Unfortunately, changing your diet alone is unlikely to eliminate your bad breath problem.


90% of bad breath comes from your mouth, teeth and gums

If you’re suffering from bad breath, you probably don’t need to look any further than your mouth for answers to your problem.  The following oral causes are responsible for 90% of bad breath:

  • Poor oral hygiene due to not flossing or brushing regularly or correctly;
  • Periodontal or gum disease;
  • Tongue coating;
  • Food impaction in teeth or dentures;
  • Unclean dentures;
  • Faulty dental restorations;
  • Oral carcinomas; or Dry mouth. All of these problems have one thing in common; they all increase the levels of bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath.


Stink Bugs

Bad breath is created when bacteria in your mouth start producing volatile sulphur compounds. One of these sulphur compounds, hydrogen sulphide, is the very stuff that gives rotten egg gas its trade mark aroma. Methyl mercaptan, another sulphur compound, smells quite literally like a barn yard. To eradicate these bacteria you must first identify what’s caused them to live happily ever after in your mouth.  Oral probiotics to build up levels of good bacteria can also help to reduce levels of bad breath causing bacteria.


Identify the source of YOUR bad breath with the Oral Chroma bad breath analyser

The first step in your bad breath treatment is a visit to your dentist to give your mouth, teeth and tongue a thorough once over. An innovative bad breath analyser, the Oral Chroma, can help identify and measure the type and level of volatile sulphur compounds produced by bacteria in your mouth.  Your dentist can then recommend the most effective treatment for fast, long term results. Testing your breath with the Oral Chroma is completely painless and non-invasive.  Results are available while you wait.   All that’s needed is a sample of your breath and you can be on your way to enjoying life with fresher breath within minutes. It’s best to book your appointment first thing in the morning or on your way home from work as you’ll need to avoid food, drinks, chewing gum or smoking for 4 hours before the test.  You can drink water but will need to stop an hour before hand.

To find out how a truly scientific approach to bad breath treatment can literally change your life, contact Robert Duhig Dental today. Ask about booking in for the Oral Chroma bad breath analyser.

Oral Chroma

Bad breath treatment that eliminates bad breath at the source is just a phone call away. Call 07 3269 2443 and say goodbye to bad breath.