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Even with perfect dental hygiene, you can still get bad breath!

Kiss bad breath good-bye forever.  In minutes, we can get to the root of your breath issues and create a plan to fix it!  Bad breath is due to three different gasses in your mouth.  We identify the gasses and treat the real problems in your mouth.  Problems that brushing and mouth wash can’t always fix!

It’s quick, easy and completely unobtrusive

It’s very affordable

Treatments include pro-biotic lozenges and new toothpastes

The science tracks your progress

See the problem mapped in graphs – we’ll provide 100% proof your treatment is working.

Ideal for kids with breath issues – prevent long term dental problems!

Bad Breath Analysis

Robert Duhig Dental is the ONLY practice in South East Queensland with this cutting edge technology – book now to avoid long wait times.

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