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Welcome to Robert Duhig Dental, the Gentle Dentist in Brisbane!

Considering becoming a Robert Duhig Dental patient?  We’re a small, friendly, relaxed practice in Sandgate on Brisbane’s northside.  We believing in making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed while at the dentist.  Do you have a question about your trip to the dentist? We’re happy to discuss any concerns with you.  Call us on 3269  2443 or read our frequently asked questions below.

How much does a filling cost?

It all depends on where it is, how big it is and if you need x-rays and other tests first.  For a single-sided filling on a tooth close to the front, most dentists in Brisbane change between $130 and $250.  We’re very competitive.  It’s always best to have regular check-ups and to act quickly if a dental problem arises.  The longer you leave it, the bigger the procedure to fix it!

Is Rob Duhig a bulk billing dentist?

If you’re after a bulk billing dentist in Brisbane, you’ll probably have to turn to government agencies or visit the free dental hospital in Brisbane city.  There is no such thing as bulk billing dentists for adults. We do however bulk bill eligible dental services for children aged 2-17.  Learn more about eligibility here and all about our children’s dentistry here.

I’m soooo scared of the dentist!

We pride ourselves on being patient and gentle – in fact, Rob has a reputation for being the most gentle dentist in Brisbane!  We get it (we hate public speaking more than you hate dental procedures!) and we do our best to put an end to your dental fear.  Read more on the “gentle dentist in Brisbane“.  Why does Rob enjoy such a reputation?  The key to gentle dentistry is experience.  Rob’s had his Sandgate dental practice since 1983 and enjoys a reputation as a highly-skilled dentist.  Experience matters.  It means that your pain management is in expert hands.  It means that Rob can predict what will make you feel those dental butterflies and can help you through the process.  Many of our patients report losing their dental fear after a single visit with Rob.  Isn’t that worth a try!

How long will my dental appointment take?

For your first appointment, please try to arrive ten minutes early to register.  We try hard to run on time, even leaving extra time on appointments to ensure you are comfortable and not rushed.  Generally, a filling will take between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours but this varies depending on location and difficulty.  It’s best to speak with our receptionist when you make your booking, she’ll let you know.

Is Rob Duhig Dental near Brisbane CBD?

New in town huh? Robert Duhig Dental is on the north side of Brisbane in Sandgate.  If you’re taking the train, we’re a short walk from Sandgate station on the Shorncliffe line.  Because of Rob’s reputation for professionalism, we welcome patients from all over Brisbane.  You’ll find us in Sandgate town centre – take Sandgate Road or the Gateway Arterial and follow the signs to Sandgate.

I’m a Redcliffe Commuter, what are your opening hours?

We get a lot of commuters looking for a gentle dentist near Redcliffe! We’re just over on the Sandgate side of the bridge.  We offer extended opening hours for commuters and YES, we’re taking new patients!


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