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Trusted Sandgate Dental Practice Since 1983

Robert Duhig Dental practice has been a part of the Sandgate landscape since 1983.  We’re proudly helping the children and grandchildren of patients who’ve been with us for decades.  We chose Sandgate to be part of such a wonderful and close community.  Sandgate’s changed  (especially in recent times) but we remain one of the long-trusted businesses in Sandgate town (with a few cutting edge improvements inside these doors!)

Our history in Sandgate

Robert Duhig has been looking after teeth in the local Sandgate area for almost four decades.

In 1983, Rob Duhig bought an existing Sandgate Dental Practice in Brighton Rd. After three years, he amalgamated with a second Sandgate practice. By 1993, the practice had outgrown the Brighton Rd premises, so Rob moved to the current location at 74 Loudon St.

Feel right at home

Our dental reception area is comfortable and relaxed.  Our receptionists are friendly and always available to discuss your concerns.  They’re used to a little bit of anxiety from patients and will help you feel calm and confident about your dental appointment.  After significant refurbishment and the addition of three new surgeries, Robert Duhig Dental is now a modern and comfortable practice for the whole family.

Old fashioned practice, state of the art technology

Robert Duhig Dentist

We may have been around a long time and we may believe in “country dentist” service but we also believe in delivering state of the art technology to all our patients.  We’re at the cutting edge of Queensland dentistry and we’re delighted to deliver world class services right here in our Sandgate dental practice.

Rob Duhig was one of the first dentists in Queensland to proactively employ Dental Hygienists. The collaborative approach between Dentists and Dental Hygienists is now recognised as being instrumental in preventing disease and invasive treatment. Our skilled Dental Hygienists run the specially-designed Preventive Care Program. Patients can be assured of effective maintenance and early detection of potential problems.

We use the most advanced dental technology and treatment options available including Radiographic Imaging, Intra-Oral Cameras and Halicheck Breath Analysis. The technology we employ ensures that we give our patients the most accurate dental diagnosis. This means we can evaluate quickly and precisely, and recommend the best treatment plan.

As the trusted Sandgate dental clinic for generations, you’ll feel right at home at Robert Duhig Dental.
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