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Teeth Whitening – Robert Duhig Dental’s Zoom Whitening in Brisbane North

Happy Brisbane woman with whiter teeth after zoom teeth whitening treatment in Sandgate North Brisbane

For quick, safe and effective teeth whitening Brisbane chooses Rob Duhig Dental Sandgate.  Brighten your smile with “in-chair” Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Love coffee? Tea? Red Wine? Who doesn’t?  Well, your teeth don’t!  Smoking, age and the things you consume can discolour your teeth.  Now there’s a fast, safe option for teeth whitening in Brisbane North.  Zoom Teeth Whitening is an in-clinic cosmetic dentistry procedure that quickly brightens your smile.   Zoom Whitening’s advanced technology uses intense white light to activate cleaning agents on your teeth, delivering 6-8 shades of brightness in one appointment (not weeks!).  Unlike over the counter home whitening kits, there’s no room for leaks, so your gums are protected too!


Safe Teeth Whitening on Brisbane’s Northside

Considering a “over-the-counter” tooth whitening system?  Rob Duhig Dental is Sandgate’s gentle dentist with decade’s of experience.  Over the counter teeth whitening kits put your teeth and gums at risk.  Not all teeth are suitable for whitening.  Tooth decay and other deeper dental issues will not be fixed by an over the counter teeth whitening system.  Poorly fitted teeth whitening molds can allow chemicals to escape, creating gum infections and pain.  You may also permanently damage the protective shield on your teeth causing permanent and painful sensitivity.  Proper diagnosis and professional treatment prevents costly and painful dental procedures in the future.  Your teeth are too important to risk over the counter teeth whitening treatments.

Zoom Teeth Whitening has been repeatedly used and extensively tested for safety. Trust Robert Duhig Dental’s experienced team to make your dreams of a brighter smile safely come to fruition.

About Zoom Teeth Whitening at Robert Duhig Dental Sandgate

Your Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment will take between 60 and 90 minutes.  Prior to your treatment, you may require a professional tooth scale and clean to ensure the best results.  The Zoom teeth whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and then activated by a special ultra violet light.  You can expect brightening of up to eight shades during your Zoom treatment.  Included in your treatment is a 100% FREE smile assessment, so we detect any issues before you start your treatment.



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For teeth whitening in Brisbane, trust Brisbane’s gentle dentist, Rob Duhig Sandgate.