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 Our State of the Art Breath Analyser to diagnose and treat halitosis

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Don’t go on worrying about bad breath, there’s a quick, simple way to diagnose and then target treat the problem.  Robert Duhig Dental in Sandgate uses a state of the art, scientifically developed bad breath analyser to diagnose and develop treatments for bad breath.  It’s not just about feeling more confident, it’s about diagnosing chemical issues in your mouth and throat.  Breath issues can be a sign of bigger dental problems, don’t go on worrying, do something about it!

The Oral Chroma (also known as a Halicheck) is 100 times more sensitive than the human nose.  It breaks down your breath sample isolating three gasses that contribute to bad breath.  Treatment for bad breath used to be difficult as it can originate form the tongue, gums and teeth or throat.  The Oral Chroma breath analyser identifies the source for highly targeted and more effective treatment.

Simple, Quick Breath Analysis for Targeted Treatment

Our industry leading breath analyser detects the chemical signatures of the leading causes of halitosis. We simply add a sample to the analyser and we’re able to determine the cause of the problem and then recommend targeted treatment.  There’s no need to worry, it’s completely pain free and simple.  You could be on the path to fresher, healthier breath in minutes.

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