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Tales From The Chair – Why I’m Not Scared Of The Dentist Anymore!

Posted by on March 28, 2019 in Uncategorised | Comments Off on Tales From The Chair – Why I’m Not Scared Of The Dentist Anymore!

‘Ding Ding.’ I received an SMS from my brand new dentist. “We’re looking forward to seeing you on Friday for your appointment with Dr Duhig,” read the SMS. I felt my whole body tighten up and a sick feeling started whirling up in my stomach. Did I mention I used to be scared of the dentist?

The experience that made me scared of the dentist

My anxiety all started with a not so forgettable experience at another dentist where I dribbled so much because my mouth was numb and the dental nurse couldn’t suck my spit up quickly enough with the spit sucker thingy. I couldn’t forget about my inability to spit into the little bowl, embarrassed as a string of saliva hung from my mouth. I also couldn’t forget the massive discomfort of a dental tool being pressed with force on my numb lip. Oh, and did I mention the needles? I needed two of those bad boys, and it sure didn’t tickle! After that experience, I was so worried it would repeat itself over and over, each time I visited the dentist.

But I took the matter into my own hands and decided to change dentists. Yes, I was extremely anxious before seeing Dr Robert Duhig, but I can happily say I’m no longer scared of the dentist!
Firstly, the fact that Robert Duhig Dental call themselves ‘The Gentler Dentists’ got me really curious. They HAD to be better than my old dentist who was far from gentle.

scared of the dentist

The visit to my new dentist – Robert Duhig Dental

At my first appointment, anxious and sweating profusely, I entered the room and was greeted by Robert and the dental assistant. They were both quick to make me feel welcome and calm, asking me about myself and engaging in lovely conversation while, unbeknownst to me, they were prepping for the examination. Their ability to hold conversation really took my mind off things.

As I opened my mouth wide in preparation for the scratching and sucking to begin, all I could think about was the dreaded spit sucker; was this nurse going to suck spit better than at my old dentist? Well, I’d like to report that I’d happily give the dental nurse at Robert Duhig Dental the award for top spit sucker because she’s well and truly banished my anxiety about dribbling at the dentist!

And as for pain and discomfort, there was none. I couldn’t believe how gentle the dentist was, even with the hook instrument which, I swear, has made me feel a bit like a fish in the past.
The conversation continued after the examination had finished, I happily swished the water in my mouth and spat it out in front of two strangers, no worries. I locked in my next appointment with renewed confidence in my new Brisbane dentist. I’m pleased to say I’m no longer scared of the dentist thanks to Robert Duhig Dental.

For the best spit sucking, spitting and teeth examination experience, contact Robert Duhig Dental today!