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Emergency Dentist Brisbane

If you have tooth pain during business hours or after hours, Rob Duhig Dental in Sandgate can help.  We’re the emergency dentist Brisbane trusts for immediate relief. Our emergency dental care is charged at highly competitive prices and if we can’t help, we’ll find you someone who can.  Our clinic is open late on Tuesday evenings to help you get your dental emergency sorted.

When toothache strikes…

A toothache can be more serious than you think.  By the time tooth pain strikes, there’s usually a problem with the nerve.  This could be temporary or it could mean permanent nerve damage.  Rob Duhig’s emergency dental service will stop the pain and prevent further damage. We reserve appointments for emergency dental treatments so you can get in to see a gentle dentist fast.

Fractures, chips and broken teeth

Fractures and broken teeth cause temporary toothache which, if treated right away is a temporary issue.  The nerve inside your tooth is exposed and will ache when you drink something cold or when you bite down.  Call us immediately if you chip or break a tooth, the sooner you do, the better chance we have to help!

Help! I chipped a tooth!

Emergency dental care for throbbing pain

The bad new is, if your tooth is giving you constant pain, throbbing pain or worsening pain, you’ve probably got permanent nerve damage.  You’ve likely got an infection that should not be left untreated.  Our emergency dental treatments may include extraction or nerve removal (root canal).   Don’t delay, chances are the pain will increase and we may have no choice but to extract the tooth.  Don’t worry, we’ll explain all your treatment options and take great care to be gentle.

Bulk billing dentist for eligible children in Brisbane

If your child loses a permanent tooth by trauma, don’t rinse it underwater as this can damage the root surface of the tooth. Place it in a cup of milk and come immediately to Robert Duhig Dental. Time is important, so bring the child and the tooth as quickly as possible.  Learn more about our  kids dental service.  Note that for eligible children, some services may be bulk billed.  Learn more about eligibility.

Emergency appointments

We understand that unexpected and urgent dental problems can be very distressing and painful. If you are suffering acute pain, our aim is to get you comfortable and pain free as soon as possible.  We have time allocated each day during practice hours for dental emergencies. Call us on 07 3269 2443 and we will make time to see you promptly.

Affordable emergency dentist in Sandgate, Brisbane

We understand that emergencies happen, and not always on payday!  If you’re in pain and concerned about the cost of your emergency dental treatment, speak to us.  We offer affordable options, such as temporary pain relief, pay-by-appointment root canals and even dentistry on credit.  We don’t want to see you in pain!

After hours dental emergencies

If you are an existing patient and an urgent problem arises outside practice hours, please call 07 3269 2443 and follow the prompts.  We also take after-hours dental appointments on selected evenings, so if the pain starts at work, call us right away to check availability.

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