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New Year, New Smile? How Dental Veneers Transform Your Look

Posted by on January 29, 2019 in Sandgate | Comments Off on New Year, New Smile? How Dental Veneers Transform Your Look


Dental veneers



Does the upcoming New Year have you dreaming of a new smile? Dental veneers might just be the answer. Enhance your smile with this simple, low maintenance option and choose the New Year’s resolution that will last for years to come. Learn how dental veneers can give you a fresh new look so you’ll be ringing in the New Year with confidence.

Why you should add dental veneers to your New Year’s resolutions 

If you’ve had a reason to shy away from showing off your smile, then veneers may be just what you need to get your New Year off to a great start. Cosmetic dentistry is now more sought after than ever, with Zoom Whitening, dental veneers and dental crowns topping the popularity list. The versatility of veneers makes them very common as they can be used to disguise minor imperfections, hide gaps and irregular spaces, and to brighten and whiten smiles. Your Brisbane dentist can discuss your smile resolutions with you and get you on your way to celebrating a new year and a new look.

How do dental veneers work?

Dental veneers are custom made and carefully crafted to fit you perfectly. They can be made from either porcelain or composite materials and each can be used to cover just one tooth, or to give you a complete smile makeover. As they are directly bonded to your teeth, they are an excellent option for patients with enamel erosion as they can add strength and durability as well. Veneers are surprisingly easy to take care of as they do not require any additional maintenance – you just floss and brush your teeth as you would normally. The best part? As they are custom coloured and highly stain resistant, you can enjoy that coffee and wine and your smile will continue to shine throughout the lifespan of the veneers.

How dental veneers can benefit you

Like many cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental veneers are an instant confidence booster. While they offer the obvious aesthetic benefits of having whiter, straighter teeth, they will also give you that extra sense of self-assurance to want to go out into the world and shine. Having a confident smile can assist you with job interviews, public speaking, and everyday social situations. As your veneers will be tailor-made for your teeth, they will be very natural looking and virtually undetectable so no one besides you and your dentist will know why you’ve got some extra pep in your step.

Book a free consultation with Robert Duhig Dental to discuss how dental veneers can help you achieve your smile goals and be well on your way to achieving a new, naturally beautiful smile today.