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In addition to our dental procedures, we stock a wide range of dental products to assist with your ongoing oral health.  These items are designed to give superior treatment to dental issues.  Speak to the dentist or hygienist about our selection of products at your next visit, or simply pop in to our Sandgate dental clinic to pick up the items you need.

Our Dental Products


Dental products - Tepe Brushes

Tepe Inter-Dental Brushes $13.20

Dental Products - Tepe Sticks

Tepe Sticks $3.30

Dental Products - Pickster Brushes

Picksters Inter-Dental Brushes $7.70

Dental products - Oral B Superfloss

Oral B Superfloss: $6.60

Dental Product - Oral B Flossettes: $4.40

Oral B Flossettes

Dental Products: Oral B Satin Floss

Oral B Dental Floss: $6.60

Dental Products: CNite White Whitening Gel Refills

CNite White Whitening Gel Refills: $85.80

Dental products: Clorofluor Gel

Clorofluor Gel: $15.40

Dental Products: GC Tooth Mousse

GC Tooth Mousee: $33

Dental Products: GC Tooth Mousse Plus

GC Tooth Mousse Plus: $33.00

Dental products: Eez-thru Floss Threaders

Eez-thru Floss Threaders: $13.20

Dental products: Colgate Toothbrush

Colgate Tooth Brush: $3.85

Dental Products: Plaque Disclosing Solution

Plaque Disclosing Solution: $14.30

Dental products: Colgate Savacol Mouthwash

Colgate Savacol Mouthwash: $9.90

Dental products: Colgate Neutrofluor 5000 Plus

Colgate Neutrofluor 5000 Plus: $16.50

All Robert Duhig dental products are available in the Sandgate clinic.  If you’ve got specific concerns about your child’s teeth or your own, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.