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The Truth Behind What Makes A Truly Gentle Dentist

Posted by on October 15, 2019 in Coronavirus Policy, Dental Tips, home-sliders, Sandgate, Uncategorised | 0 comments

Do you struggle with dental anxiety? An experienced, gentle dentist can put your mind at ease and your oral health back on track.Do you get sweaty palms and knots in your stomach at the mere thought of even making a dental appointment? If so, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a surprisingly common phenomenon. The good news, however, is that caring, gentle dentists DO exist so don’t give up on your oral health just yet. As an experienced, gentle dentist, Robert Duhig knows that dental anxiety is not unusual and greets each patient with a friendly, empathetic ear, helping them to go into their appointment with confidence.

If you’re riddled with dental anxiety, contact Robert Duhig Dental to learn how their extremely gentle practices can get you back on the road to a happy, healthy smile. 

A gentle dentist will put you at ease from the first point of contact 

For some people, dental anxiety can result in going to great lengths to avoid visiting the dentist altogether. However, an experienced dental practice will know how to make people feel at ease from the minute they book an appointment or walk through the front door.  Staff are trained to be empathetic and calming and they will talk you through each step of the process before your appointment even starts. In fact, Robert Duhig understands that in certain cases, patients may feel more comfortable taking their own pain killers or anti-anxiety medication before coming in for their appointment. However, it is very important that you call the office to get the right advice before taking anything prior to your dental visit.

Communication is the key to making patients feel calm and confident 

With over 30 years of experience, Robert Duhig prides himself on knowing how to calm the minds of anxious patients and consistently checks in with them to see how they are feeling throughout each appointment. If your anxiety is centred around discomfort or having your mouth numbed, Robert’s vast experience and precise skill means that he is able to place the numbing shot in the EXACT right spot every single time – resulting in optimal patient comfort. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns to your dentist. A truly gentle dentist will listen to their patients with empathy and understanding and do what it takes to make each visit a positive experience. 

You’ll be in good hands with Brisbane’s own truly gentle dentist

With a reputation for being one of the most trusted gentle dentists in Brisbane, Robert Duhig’s patients return time and time again as he’s changed the way many of them feel about going to the dentist. 

If you’ve been putting off your next check-up, it’s time to take a deep breath and put your health first. Book your appointment with Robert Duhig Dental today.