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What YOU Can Do in Childhood to Avoid Teeth Braces in Teens!

Posted by on November 15, 2018 in Dental Tips | 0 comments

Teeth Braces

Aristotle famously said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will give you a man” and the same can be said for the care of teeth. Braces are an unfortunate reality that many of today’s parents are facing – but there are preventative measures you can take when they’re little to shape the face of gums to come!

Childhood preventative measures

Clinical x-Rays carried out when children are little can identify potential problems that may come to light when their adult teeth grow in. Preventative measures – such as the removal of problematic teeth – can be carried out in order to prevent teeth braces being necessary once the child grows.

Removing teeth allow for growing gums to be given the space they need to yield lovely, straight teeth that don’t crowd in on each other. Were the procedure to be put off until they grow, it can be a case of removing teeth AND having braces. Removing the teeth early on may take a painful, prolonged step out of the equation.

Isn’t the procedure scary?

Any dental operation can be scary and overwhelming to anyone, regardless of age. Choosing a dentist who firmly believes in gentle dentistry means trusting those tiny teeth to a kind soul who will gently guide your child (and you, the parent) through the process. This means that dental anxiety will be dramatically decreased and the procedure will be a positive experience for all involved.

What is involved in an extraction?

Tooth extraction is generally a straight-forward procedure, but it requires an experienced dentist with a gentle approach to help ease a nervous young patient. Your child will only eat soft foods for about a day after the procedure and the normal dental care like teeth brushing should be done very carefully as the mouth and gums are likely to be sensitive.

Choosing the Right Dentist for the Job

Robert Duhig Dental has been providing gentle care for patients for nearly 30 years. The practice embraces the philosophy of kindness and respect, meaning that appointments are as long (and frequent) as they need to be. Children love the opportunity to get to know their dentist who will patiently explain everything and make them as comfortable as possible.

Keen to know more about preventative care for children and what can be done to avoid teeth braces? Contact Robert Duhig Dental today!

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